Moonlit Sanctuary in Melbourne

I had a wonderful time at Moonlit Sanctuary in Melbourne this Monday! On this day, I went to this Philips island tour organised by GoWest tour. I highly recommend tours by GoWest as they provide excellent service and tour package. I think it is better than the Gray line bus tour. On Monday, this tour started at about 11.20am, picking us up at a hotel (it is better to call and arrange for nearest hotel pick-up point) and ended at around 10pm plus. We first went to see the colourful bathing boxes, then to Moonlit Sanctuary and later to Philips island to see Penguins parade. There were also toilet and meal stops at petrol stations. 

Its the first time I experienced four seasons in a day. First weather was very cold at about 8 degrees celsius. Then it rained hail (ice) and after 10 minutes of heavy rain, the sun came out and it was sunny cool. Nevertheless I still like the weather here as it is still cooler compared to Singapore. 

Anyway, I was delighted to see the wallabies and kangaroo so near! I also saw cute baby wallabies inside the wallabie's pouch. Its also the first time I fed the wallabies! I was scared because I was afraid they bite my hand but my friend assured me they are very mild and gentle. So I fed them and the wallabies came to me and ate the feed that I brought at the counter. 

I realised the wallabies here are very mild and scared of the nasty birds and ducks who would snatch the feed from them. I do hope these cute wallabies have enough food to eat. Maybe they should separate the birds, ducks and wallabies to different sections. 
                        Can you see the baby wallaby in the mummy wallaby's pouch?

 My friend feeding the kangaroo.

 This pink parrot said bye bye to us.
 I had the lemon tart in the cafe. I thought the chocolate was a snack for me. 

 I love the mocha too.
 Happy to see Kaola awake.

Those nasty birds and ducks just wanted to snatch food from the cute wallabies. And wallabies are scared of the ducks and birds.

 Like the countryside. I want to retire in countryside area.
 After seeing the animals in the zoo, we went to Philips island which is a very cold and windy place. 

 Waiting for the penguins to return home. I did not take picture of penguins as they are afraid of the flash and we are told to switch off camera. 


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