Visiting Our Ancestral Home in China,Chaozhou 潮州

My father recently went to our ancestral home in Chaozhou Jieyang  (潮州揭阳) with his cousin to visit their relatives. My late paternal grandfather left Chaozhou Jieyang for Singapore with his parents when he was a teenager. 

In the past, people used to say their China relatives would ask their Singaporeans' relative for monetary help. But hey, now it's really different. My father's relatives in China Chaozhou are really successful, owning several properties in Chao Zhou and Hong Kong, and even operating successful business! 

Anyway besides visiting his relatives in Chaozhou, Jieyang, its also a foodie trip with his cousin to explore Chaozhou different places like Shantou, Chaoshan, Nan Ao island and Jieyang. Wow, my father had amazing seafood feast with oyster and urchin and also porridge buffet with more than 100 dishes. I will blog about the seafood feast later. But meanwhile enjoy the beautiful Chaozhou scenery. If I made any mistake, please correct me because I didn't go to Chaozhou but my father went. Anyway after looking at the feast they had, I also want to visit Chaozhou, my ancestral hometown either this year or next year. 
Guangji Bridge, also called Xiangzi Bridge is one of China's four famous ancient bridges built during the Song Dynasty (1170 A.D). It is located in the east of Chaozhou. There is a saying; If you never visit Xiangzi Bridge, you cannot say you have been to Chaozhou.
Jie Yang. This is where my great grandparents used to live. Now its rented out. 
My father said this place is Shantou

Wow I love mountain! Maybe I visit Chaozhou in winter time when weather is cooler.


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