Tim Ho Wan Dim Sum in Hong Kong

Tim Ho Wan is well-known as the cheapest Michelin star restaurant in Hong Kong. Due to its popularity, it first oversea venture started in Singapore in 2013. Now there are many Tim Ho Wan restaurants in Australia, Taiwan and many Southeast Asian countries. 

Frankly speaking, I was not really impressed with the dim sum in Tim Ho Wan Singapore branch. I think the Har gow or steamed prawn dumplings are mediocre compared to other dim sum restaurants in Singapore. But I like their baked bun bbq pork and siew mai (pork dumpling). 

My friends told me Hong Kong Tim Ho Wan is better than Singapore and I must try it in Hong Kong. 

So in Hong Kong, I went to Tim Ho Wan at Olympian City shopping mall. I ordered pan fried radish cake, har gow (prawn dumpling), bbq pork rice roll and their famous baked bbq pork bun. Wow, they were served piping hot and the baked bun with bbq pork crust was crispy with fragrant bbq pork. Wow, for the first time I felt so happy eating baked bun bbq pork. I must say its the best baked bun bbq pork in the world! I feel really tempted to go back to Hong Kong to eat their signature baked bun bbq pork and smooth bbq pork rice roll. But then its really expensive and tiring to fly to eat. Think I wait till November as weather is cooler and I also wanna go to Disneyland and Ngong Ping again for cable car ride. 

Tim Ho Wan dim sum in Hong Kong are really cheap! For 4 dim sum and tea, I only spent HK$88 which is about S$16. In Singapore, it will be around S$25 for takeaway. For dining it will be around S$30. 
 I had their signature baked bbq pork! It is so delicious! Don't know why Hong Kong dim sum are more delicious than Singapore.

This is my favourite dim sum baked bun bbq pork. Really yummy.


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