Hong Kong Tian Tan Buddha

I finally went to see Hong Kong popular giant Tian Tan Buddha. However, as Ngong Ping cable car is under maintenance till May this year, I went there via bus 23. Well, I'm not sure if I should be happy or not. The ride to the destination was like a roller-coaster ride. The experienced driver drove very fast along the hilly slope to Ngong Ping. I was so scared that I quietly prayed to Kwan Yin for protection. 

At Ngong Ping, the scene that unfolded before me was magical. As the weather was cold and foggy with those mystical mist, I felt like I was in the heavenly realm meeting the benovalent Great Buddha. 

Anyway to have a closed up view of the Great Buddha was not easy. First, I had to climb up 268 steps. I like the number of steps especially 8. 8 sounds like Fa which means prosperity. 

After reaching the top, I spent the next 30 minutes taking picture of the sweeping view of lush greenery mountains and the temple. At the top, I also saw people kneeling in front of the Great Buddha. Most of them are tourists, most probably from Thailand. 

I be back to Ngong Ping again as I want to experience the cable car ride and to try the vegetarian food at the temple. 
Need to conquer 268 steps first!
This is Po Lin monastery. I heard the vegetarian restaurant there serves really delicious vegetarian food.

I like the beautiful plants at Ngong Ping.

This cute bull is looking for food.

View from the top.
This bull is very docile and friendly. Hmm, must be because its under the watchful eye of the Great Buddha.
View from the bus.

People touching the bull.


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