My Favourite City Taipei

I first visited Taiwan in 2008 with my parents and youngest brother. I went back to Taipei and explored Cing Jing again either alone or with my friend. All in all, I visited Taiwan five times as I love Taiwan food and nature. Besides natural attractions, I also love going to National Palace Museum where it housed historical artefacts that span five thousand years of Chinese history. Chiang Kai Shek, Kuomintang leader ordered the transfer of China historical artefacts to Taiwan when he realised the inevitable loss to China Communist party. 

Thus there is a saying, in China we see the shell aka the real Forbidden Palace which is a museum now and in Taiwan, we see the real artefacts in a fake Forbidden Palace. In the past, these historical artefacts were kept in the Beijing forbidden palace. Certain aspects of the Taiwan Palace Museum is modelled after the Forbidden Palace in Beijing. 

I'll post more update on Taiwan trip. 
Taiwan National Palace Museum


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