My Favourite Bakery in Hong Kong!

I first saw my favourite bakery at Kowloon Airport express station. Its the chestnut tart at Maxim's Cakes bakery! At HK$18 ( around S$3.30), it's really a bargain! There are different layers inside the chestnut tart like sponge, cream and crunchy tart. Simply say, it's Delicious! In Singapore, chestnut tarts like these cost at least S$6.00 and it's hard to find. 

Luckily for me, Maxim's bakery can be found in almost all Hong Kong MTR stations. Everyday, I will buy chestnut tart and also the crunchy Napoleon cake. Wow Hong Kongers are really good in bakery! 
This is my favourite chestnut tart!
Chestnut tart costs only HK$18 which translates to about S$3.30!
This is another one of my favourite The Napoleon Cake. It costs HK$8 which is less than S$2! 
Some Maxim's cakes also sell yogurt which is delicious too!
Maxim's Cakes


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