Hong Kong Day 2: The Peak

After reaching Central Ferry Pier, I spent about 30 to 40 minutes walking to the Peak. In Hong Kong, I walked to explore various popular attractions. It's a good exercise to shed off extra calories from the many delicious food in Hong Kong. On the way to the Peak, I saw Chung Kong building which is owned by successful businessman Mr Li Ka-Shing. 

I brought The Peak ticket in Singapore Changi Recommends which is cheaper at S$14. Ticket is priced at HK$88 for The Peak and Sky terrace which is about S$16. In fact, you can purchase various attraction tickets from different countries like Australia and many others at Changi Recommend online and collect the tickets at Changi Airport. Tickets are so much cheaper. For example, you can save $10 if you purchase Hong Kong Disneyland ticket at Changi Recommends.

Despite going to Peak on a weekday afternoon, the place is still crowded with tourists. Waiting time for the tram took about 20 minutes. But I guess its much better compared to weekend. The Peak is a great attraction to enjoy the fun ride up and view Hong Kong beautiful city amidst the greenery. 

Website: The Peak Hong Kong
Peak Tram Operating Hours : 
7 am to 12 midnight (Mon - Sun & Public Holidays) 
Frequency : 
Departs every 10 to 15 minutes.

Finally the Peak tram arrives.
From Central Ferry Pier, I walked to Central MTR via the many linkway bridges. Its is a really well-connected city like Singapore with many sheltered linkway connecting different MTR stations like Hong Kong MTR to Central MTR.

 Saw Cheung Kong Center on my way to The Peak.  The founder is Mr Li Ka-shing, also my idol. 
Waiting for the Peak tram. I waited for about 20 minutes in the afternoon on Tuesday.
The tram going up the very steep railway! It was an exhilarating ride.

 View from the Sky terrace.
 There is a temple near the Peak.
 Hong Kong is a cosmopolitan city with lots of beautiful natural scenery. I always love places with mountains. In March, weather is cool but foggy. 
 Bruce Lee the famous kung Fu star at Madame Tussauds!


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