Great Food and Service at Yue Mic Ka!

From the hotel food guide, I learnt that there is a great eatery popular for their fish broth and hand-made fish bean curd and rice noodles! It is also an award-winning restaurant. 

This restaurant is located at West9Zone centre, where there are many enrichment classes for children. There are music, dance and also language classes. So on Sunday morning, there are many parents eating breakfast with their kids. 

I was so happy with the food quality and service that I went there for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the next few days after trying it! For me, service is very important. Frankly speaking, I don't care if they serve the best polo bun or not. Since I'm paying for the food, I expect good service and food.  Period. 

I tried their signature hand-made fish bean curd and rice noodles for lunch.I prefer to eat real fish chunk for rice noodle soup. In Singapore I love fried fish chunk served with rice noodle.

At Yue Mic Ka, for breakfast, I decided to try healthy tomato based soup with rice noodle and scrambled egg which is so tasty and on another day, I had the omelette egg with mushroom inside. After drinking the tomato soup, I was won over! This healthy tomato soup is just right! It is not overly sweet or salty. It is a simple comfort dish that made me want to eat more. So after trying it, I had the same tomato soup base for breakfast the next day. 

They offer a wide variety of food like steamboat which I didn't have time to try it all. But when I return to Hong Kong, I definitely be back for the tomato rice noodle soup with scrambled egg and soft buttery bun!

Address:Shop 205, 2F, West9Zone Centre
               38 Cherry Street, Tai Kok Tsui
How to get there?: Alight at Olympics MTR station and exit C. Its about 5 minutes walk from     MTR station.
This is my favourite tomato based rice noodles with omelette and mushroom!
I brought the set with coffee which costs HK$33 only, about S$6.00.
I brought the fish fillet and scramble egg with bun for takeaway! It also costs HK$33.
On another breakfast, I had tomato soup with scrambled egg and rice noodles. 

I paid extra HK$6 for this set! This bun looks really ordinary. But it is so soft and tasty unlike some hard bun. So this also completely blown me away as I never expect an ordinary looking bun to be so tasty!
For dinner, I decided to be adventurous and tried this cheese based instant noodle set which also include toast, ham and scrambled egg and coffee. I think cheese based noodle is too rich for me. 

This is Yue Mic Ka's signature dish; specialty fish broth hand-made fish bean curb with rice noodles.
I just love adding vinegar to the broth. Great taste for me.
I love their coffee. I was curious what is Swiss chicken. It is actually what we Teochew call braised chicken with five spice powder fragrant. 
Yue Mic Kai menu
All-Day meal at HK$58 is really worth it.


  1. You made me wanna to visit HK for its food :)

    1. Hehe, writing these food posts made me want to go back to Hong Kong for food too.


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