Good Facilities at Hong Kong Dorsett Mongkok Hotel

As a female solo traveller, safety, cleanliness and convenience are three important factors whenever I select a hotel. For me, I don't mind paying more for comfort and good location.  Dorsett Mongkok hotel located in the heart of Mongkok neighbourhood meets the above conditions.  For the 1 week stay, I paid about S$880.00 after enjoying early 30% discount.

Besides providing free vanity kit (cotton pad, ear sticks), needle kit, toothbrush, sanitary bag, shower cap, shower gel and shampoo gel, the room is also cleaned daily. It is also about 10 minutes walk to Olympics MTR station and about 15 mins walk to Mongkok MTR station.

Generally the hotel management provides three thoughtful services for the guests as follows:

1) There is free hourly shuttle service for the guests to four different attractions at Langham Place, Temple Street, Star ferry and Kowloon Airport express station. The driver is quite punctual, so make sure you are not late else you have to wait for another hour. For me, it helps me to save transport cost and also to explore the neighbourhood. 

2) In the room, there is a Handy phone that you can bring out and it also serves as wifi hotspot for my phone. Guests can also use the Handy phone to call for free to other countries (about 7 countries) like Singapore, Australia. There is also free wifi for the handy phone. I don't have to buy SIM card for my phone like in Australia and Taiwan where I travel quite frequently. 

3) Guests are given free guidebook, Eat and Shop like a local prepared by the hotel staff that features great eateries and shops near the hotel. It also indicates estimated walking time from the hotel, MTR network map and the timing of free shuttle service. 

I don't mind going back to the hotel as I really miss awesome food like Burger Man and Yue Mic Ka near the hotel. Maybe I go back to Hong Kong this November again. But this time I won't purchase Disneyland ticket as the staff did not tell me the special Disney gift is out of stock and they looked quite blur when I enquired about the free gift that comes with the Disneyland ticket booked online with them. In the end, I did not purchase the ticket but they gave me two free Dorsett bears as I complained to the staff. In the end, I had to queue for about 20 minutes at Disneyland for the ticket. The hotel staff told me Hong Kongers don't go to Disneyland so there won't have a queue. Actually at Singapore Changi Recommends, Hong Kong Disneyland tickets is much cheaper. Despite the above case, I will stay in Dorsett Mongkok again as staff are polite. Most importantly, its located in a great location surrounded by many awesome eateries.
This is my room! I love the comfortable bed and the nice view from my room. I simply love to see mountains! 
I like the shower head.
The hotel room is really well-designed though compact.
I can bring this phone out for travel. Really useful especially with Google map!
Free handy phone for use. It provides free international call to about 7 countries like Singapore and Australia! There are three power points.
View from my room.
In front of my room is a school and community centre where residents exercise. There is an indoor swimming pool in the yellow building.
At night, I'll watch mainland Chinese variety shows as I don't understand Cantonese. 
Opposite the hotel are MacDonald and Watson store. I love the hotel location!
Guests are given informative booklet like this that features great eateries near the hotel, MTR network and the free shuttle service timing.
At the back of the booklet features timing of the free shuttle service.
This informative booklet indicates estimated walking time to the popular eatery near the hotel! Really thoughtful guide for the guests.


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