Efficient Hong Kong Airport Express Transport to Hotel

For solo traveller, taking the airport express train to the hotel is more value for money. I brought the airport express train return trip at HK$160 and this price comprises of both train and complimentary shuttle bus service directly to the hotel. You need to check the MTR website for the list of hotels here. Luckily for me, Dorsett Mongkok hotel is included.

The express train is very fast and efficient with thoughtful features for travellers. There is a USB charger and luggage storage. Seats are also clean and comfortable. It took less than 30 minutes to reach Kowloon. At Kowloon station, there are clear directional signs to the airport express shuttle bus waiting area. I highly recommend taking the airport express train especially if the hotel you are staying is included in the complimentary bus shuttle service to the hotel. 
Inside the Airport Express train. The seats are clean and comfortable.
There is a storage area for your luggage.
There is a charger for you to charge your phone too. Very thoughtful design.
From the airport to Kowloon took about 20 to 25 minutes.

After reaching Kowloon Airport express station, I went to the airport express bus waiting area to Dorsett Mongkok hotel. This bus service is inclusive of the airport express train ticket. 
There are different waiting area, for my hotel, I waited at K5 area. There is a bus every 20 minutes. 
Complimentary airport express shuttle service to hotels.


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