Avenue of Stars

Hong Kong is the birthplace of many Super Stars well-known in the Chinese world. In the 90s, Hong Kong four Heavenly Kings namely Jacky Cheung, Aaron Kwok, Andy Lau and Leon Lai ruled Mandopop. There are also many famous movies stars like Stephen Chow, my comedy hero. 

I was harbouring hope of meeting these Super Stars in Hong Kong but sadly I did not see even TVB drama stars. Anyway I didn't go empty-handed. I went to Avenue of Stars where there are many concrete hand prints of past and present celebrities. Think I must have affinity with my idol, the handsome Louis Koo. I spotted his hand print and since I couldn't  see him, I touched his concrete hand print. Wow, his palms are very big. Mine pale in comparison to him. 

Anyway there was also an exhibition of Anita Mui, a very talented and popular Hong Kong actress and singer. I spent about 30 to 40 minutes there, then proceeded back to my hotel. 
 This is Hong Kong tourism icon, Little piggy. It appears on Hong Kong tourism guidebook.

 You can find many hand print of Hong Kong popular celebrities!
Could not meet him but could touch his hand print! Also not bad lah!
My handsome idol, Louis Koo.
 Kung Fu star Jacky Chan!
 The Legendary Bruce Lee!

 Remembering Anita Mui, a popular Hong Kong actress and singer.


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