A Magical Day at Hong Kong Disneyland !

Haha, I finally fulfilled one of my childhood dreams to Disneyland in Hong Kong! After queuing to purchase the ticket at HK$589 or S$110.00, I hurriedly went to queue for some kiddy rides. At my age, I'm now more risk-averse. When I was younger, I was more daring, trying all those scary rides like 360 degrees turn roller coaster and Viking rides at Gold Coast Australia. 

At Hong Kong Disneyland, I just tried kiddy rides like Dumbo the Flying Elephant, Tea cups, railroad rides and many others. To my shock, I unknowingly took the scary mini-roller coaster ride that zooms at ultrasonic speed at the Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway mine cars. It was a heart-thumping experience. I guess I was the only one screaming my heart out when the mine car speed up fast and suddenly down. Luckily it ended in less than 2 minutes. Most of the rides like the flying elephant and tea cups  end within 2 minutes. I was hoping for five minutes for those kiddy rides. 

I brought 1 day ticket. Although I spent about 8 hours at Disneyland till the firework, I had no time to try all the rides especially at Tomorrowland. I arrived at noon and left till I watched the  dazzling Disney fireworks. I spent an average of 30 minutes queuing for each ride as there were so many people especially tourists. Never mind, I have another excuse to go back to Hong Kong. Hmm but I only go to Hong Kong when weather is cooler in spring or winter months.
To the magical Disneyland Hong Kong!
 Arrived in style via Disney train!
 Near the entrance!
 Micky Mouse face near the entrance!
 Disneyland railway ride
 Love this flying elephant ride! But it ended in less than 2 minutes!
 Tea cup ride. I really enjoyed this spinning cup ride. So fun!
 Next I proceed to It's a Small World!
Inside the ' It's a Small World' ride, you get to see cute iconic architecture from around the world. The above is from Netherlands.

I also enjoyed this Slinky Dog Spin which spin and has sudden small drop. Again it ended in less than 2 minutes. 
I thought this Grizzly mountain ride is another kiddy ride but it is a mini-roller coaster ride.
Toy Soldier Parachute

In the evening, I watched Disney musical which featured popular Disney characters from Frozen and Mickey Mouse.
It's a Small World
Sleeping Beauty
Ended the day with night parade by Disney characters and Firework!
 Waiting for the fireworks to start.
Yeah, finally the firework erupted!!!!
Heading back to the hotel after a long day at Disneyland!


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