Puffing Billy Train and Dandenong Ranges National Park

I booked a day trip at Melbourne Visitor Centre for Puffing Billy Train ride. I paid about $200 for the day trip which include lunch and transport. I love nature so no choice, I just paid $200 though I find it very expensive. 

I woke up at about 6.20am as meeting time was early at about 7.45 am near Melbourne Visitor Centre. We then reached Dandenong Ranges National Park, then to Puffing billy train ride. Later we had lunch in yarra valley area. After lunch, we explore a chocolate shop and finally, we explored the zoo and I was happy to see Koala bear that was not sleeping. I heard that its very rare to see kaola bear awake as they spent most of their time sleeping. Maybe I update in my next Melbourne post.
Saw many parrots at Dandenong ranges. I was happy because one parrot flew and perched on my arm. Luckily I was wearing a jacket but I felt its powerful grip. 
We had some snacks like tea, biscuit and Lamington cake which I love!

I walked into the forest to explore. 
Finally arrived at Puffing Billy train station

Felt like I was transported back to Jurassic park.


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