Travelling to the City from Melbourne Airport

As a female solo traveller, safety is of utmost important. Thus, whenever I travel, I always commute by bus and not taxi as I feel unsafe. Thus, I'm always happy whenever there is bus transport from the airport to the city. Also price is much cheaper as compared to taking taxi.

At Melbourne airport, I looked for the SkyBus station which is an Express bus to Melbourne City which takes about 25 minutes to reach the city Southern Cross Station. I paid for the round trip which costs $38.00. 

At Southern Cross Station, I waited for another bus (free hotel shuttle) which will send us to respective hotels. However, do take note, the free hotel shuttle bus only send you to participating hotels as shown here

For me, I alighted at the nearest hotel and took about 5 minutes to reach my hotel. You can refer to this site to check which hotel
 I queued up to purchase round trip ticket to the city. Wow there is free wifi. But for me I already purchased date plan at $2.00 per day.
 Round trip costs $38.00
 I love double-decker bus

 Not many people in the morning.
 View from the bus. I love Melbourne because of its lovely plants and greenery.

 This is the hotel shuttle bus. They also provide free wi-fi in the bus. Please check with the bus driver which hotels they are heading to before you board the bus. They are very friendly.


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