Christmas in Melbourne

I spent most of the time walking and exploring Melbourne city. This trip helps me to decide if I should study in Melbourne next year. Well, I must say there are many helpful people around. For example, I took the free tram but missed the stop. A lady besides me asked me where I want to alight (probably she saw my worried face) and I said I wanted to alight at RMIT university. She told me the tram was out of  the free tram zone and advised me to alight at the next stop and walk back to the free tram zone area. Well, luckily she alerted me else I would take a long time to walk back to the main downtown city. 

I have to admit, sometimes traveling alone can be lonely though it can be liberating. You can decide where you want to go and decide what you want to eat. 

Anyway in Melbourne, you'll notice I rarely take Melbourne night view. This is because I went to Melbourne in late November to early December and sun set at around 8.20pm. As I travelled alone, I didn't want to stay out so late so normally I went back to the hotel by 8pm to watch those renovation shows like Master of Flips which I love. Also there are many homeless people in Melbourne and some of them looked unfriendly and weird. To me its a shock because in Singapore I don't see homeless people in the city. Most of the homeless in Singapore probably set up tents at East coast park. Maybe Melbourne should have more police patrolling the street.

 Melbourne Swanston street

I love how the couple from Masters of Flip transform old rundown house to a beautiful home.


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