Melbourne City

This June, I went to Melbourne with my youngest brother and we had a great time there. But going with tour group, we had mostly Chinese food at Chinese restaurants. We only had 3 days in Melbourne and 3 days in Sydney. I prefer Melbourne as there are lots of greenery and gardens and I love nature! Melbourne is also well-known for their arts and coffee and I love both!

This week, I purchased a return flight ticket to Melbourne. Maybe out of impulse or maybe because of sales. Price is quite similar to Scoots airline.

This November I'm going to Melbourne alone to explore arts museums, Victoria State library and cafes. Maybe I go to Yarra Valley and Puffing Billy train. Although I'm afraid but I also enjoy solo travel as I get to decide where and when I want to go. 
View of Melbourne from Eureka 88. It reminds me of New York central park.
 Glittering structures in this beautiful city.
 I love Direct Factory Outlets as I get to buy good quality shoes and clothes at good price.
 The hotel I stayed in is just opposite Flinders Station.
 Federation Square

 Melbourne is really like New York. In New York, I saw beautiful horse carriages like these in Melbourne. I do hope the horse get sufficient rest.
 Southbank. This time I booked a hotel in Southbank which is a really good location as I can walk to National Victoria gallery.


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