Sydney Opera House

2o years ago when I visited Sydney, I could only see Sydney Opera House from afar in the coach. I thought to myself then that one day, I'm going to explore Sydney Opera House and see what is inside this beautiful architecture. This month, I fulfilled one of my dreams by exploring the exterior and interior of Australia iconic Sydney Opera House. 

Sydney Opera House is similar to Singapore Esplanade theatre by the bay. Its the place to watch theatre performances. There are restaurants, theaters and souvenir shop. When I explore this place, I can't help but think of Singapore Esplanade as iLight Marina Bay is organised in the vicinity of Esplanade and Vivid Sydney is just outside Sydney Opera House. Anyway, I must say I'm very happy to finally fulfill one of my dreams to explore the interior of Sydney Opera House.
 Walking towards Sydney Opera House!
 Looks like a shark from this view.
Inside Sydney Opera House Souvenir shop
 You can buy Lego Sydney Opera House to build in the souvenir shop.
 Woodcraft construction kit and form construction kit for Sydney Opera House
 New South Wales Premier
 Jorn Utzon, the brain behind Sydney Opera House
 Spherical solution to solve construction of Sydney Opera House

 I love the design from this perspective! So elegant design!
 The most famous architecture in Australia
 Sydney Harbour Bridge
 There are many tourists!

 Sketches on Sydney Opera House
 Inside Sydney Opera House

One of the arts light installation during Vivid Sydney event outside the Sydney Opera House


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