Sydney Mercure Hotel

There are advantages to joining travel agency tours. We travelled by Singapore Airlines and stayed in four-star hotel in the city. In Sydney, we stayed at Mercure Hotel which is about 5 to 10 minutes walk to Sydney Chinatown and 20 minutes to Darlington Harbour. Hotel rooms in Sydney are bigger than Melbourne for similar four-star hotel.
Mercure hotel in Sydney
 I shared the room with my youngest brother. Wow bed for one person is so big! I find the bed too soft. I prefer hard mattress. 
 Australia hotels are not as generous as Asia hotels. You have to pay for bottled drinks and snacks like potato chips. In Taiwan, they offer free bottled drinks and snacks.
 Our bedroom faces the office. 
 These are not free.  
 For breakfast, there will always be pastry, scrambled egg, mushroom, sausages, bacon and some Asian dishes like porridge. I really like their pastry and yogurt.

In the dining area.
 I also had orange juice,coffee and yogurt.
After eating the main food like scrambled egg and pastry, I would eat lots of fruits and yogurt. I love Australia yogurt. I just find it creamy rich and fresh. Yummy yummy. :)


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