Sydney Fish Market

My sibling and I signed up for Australia tour with a tour agency in Singapore. As part of the package, we went to Sydney Fish Market. Wow there were many tourists from China. 
I will not go back to Sydney Fish Market again as the food we had were mediocre and expensive. Just disappointed they could not even get fish and chips right. Anyway, its good for exploring their market. We didn't see many locals, but many tourists. So this is just another typical tourist attraction.
 Sydney Fish Market
 This place is crowded with people, especially tourists. 
My opinion of the fish and chips and cheese oyster? Really expensive and edible. Frankly speaking, I think Fish & Co, a Singapore seafood restaurant serves better fish and chips than here. This is really a place for tourists. Total cost is about $29 and I shared it with my youngest brother. 

 They sell cooked food as shown above. I find it expensive and not delicious. 
 Hey they even have Singapore popular chilli crabs!
 All the fried seafood.
 They also sell fresh seafood.
 And different types of cheese!
 There is a Chinese seafood restaurant. In fact, there are many Chinese restaurants in Sydney especially Chinatown.
 You can also buy fresh fruits at Sydney Fish Market!


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