I'm Back to Sydney!

After 20 years hiatus, I'm finally back to Sydney for holiday! I'm quite lucky to see amazing lighting arts and sculptures at Vivid Sydney event! We arrived after the storm and they managed to restore some of the fallen lighting art sculptures. Thus, I was really thankful to enjoy Sydney great weather and the exhibits at Vivid Sydney. Thank you so much!

This event reminds me of Singapore iLight Marina Bay event held this year March. Similar to Singapore, this event is free and opened to the public. 

Vivid Sydney is organised annually from late May to mid-June. 

Website: Click http://www.vividsydney.com/ here
Colourful graphics design shone on Iconic Sydney Opera House 
 Some lighting arts sculpture on display.
  The museum of Contemporary Art Australia on the left and Sydney Harbor Bridge.
 Lighting the Sails 'Songlines' which features Australian indigenous arts.
 I like this design.
The Matter of Painting at The Museum of Contemporary Art Australia. Entry to the museum is free.



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