Blue Mountains in Sydney

My youngest brother and I spent three days in Sydney and another three days in Melbourne. In Sydney, my favourite attraction is nature trip at Blue Mountains. 

Temperature at Blue mountain is about 5 degrees lower compared to the city. I think high up in the mountain, temperature was about 9 degrees Celsius and I had to wear gloves as it was so cold. 
We spent the whole day admiring the mountains and traveling via three different rides namely the railway, skyway and cableway. We paid $38 for three different rides. We also watched aborigine performance and visited its arts gallery and souvenir shops. If you ask me, I think this is a must visit place in Sydney.
The famous Three Sisters. According to aborigine legends, three sisters were turned into rock for loving boys from another tribes which was forbidden. 
Weather was really good and we had a great time enjoying this beautiful scenery right in front of us and taking photos.
The mountains look really blue.
We were excited to take this steep railway ride! We paid about $38 (cheaper due to tour group package) for three different rides namely railway, cableway and skyway. We went on weekday so we didn't have to wait for long.
We paid for 3 different rides as shown above.
Admiring the scenic view of blue mountains in winter.
From afar the mountains look blue and the tour guide shared that its due to they types of chemical emitted by the eucalyptus trees.
Platform where you view the three sisters.
Really steep railway.
This cableway can take the load of many people, about 60 people I think.
Saw the waterfall in the skyway.
We were excited to ride in the skyway!
Can't get enough of the 3 sisters.
 Arts by aborigine artists.
 Aborigine performance. 

You can buy aborigine arts in the souvenir shop.
 Inside aborigine museum

Aboriginal symbols and their meanings.


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