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Moonlit Sanctuary in Melbourne

I had a wonderful time at Moonlit Sanctuary in Melbourne this Monday! On this day, I went to this Philips island tour organised by GoWest tour. I highly recommend tours by GoWest as they provide excellent service and tour package. I think it is better than the Gray line bus tour. On Monday, this tour started at about 11.20am, picking us up at a hotel (it is better to call and arrange for nearest hotel pick-up point) and ended at around 10pm plus. We first went to see the colourful bathing boxes, then to Moonlit Sanctuary and later to Philips island to see Penguins parade. There were also toilet and meal stops at petrol stations. 

Its the first time I experienced four seasons in a day. First weather was very cold at about 8 degrees celsius. Then it rained hail (ice) and after 10 minutes of heavy rain, the sun came out and it was sunny cool. Nevertheless I still like the weather here as it is still cooler compared to Singapore. 

Anyway, I was delighted to see the wallabies and kangaroo so…

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